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leading the fight to cut the payroll tax for many americans so that they can have dollars in their pockets to invest in the economy, for trade adjustment assistance because workers lose their jobs because of unfair competition, i led the fight to get them back on their feet. earlier in philadelphia i mentioned the dredging project. the deepening of the channels. i was a key player in getting the most recent funding for that. so, getting results is key for our economy and i have the honor to have served with the people of pennsylvania and earned their trust. i ask again for this opportunity to earn their trust and that i have heard your vote. >> that includes the debate. we would like to thank the candidates for taking part in this important program. thank you for watching.
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now we have these final words from are co-sponsors. thank you so much for being here. >> hello, my name is a live be a thorn. the league of women voters citizen education fund thinks the candidates for participating in this debate. we are grateful for their continued partnership and commitment to informing citizens. voters do not need a valid photo i.d., only those that are newly registered voters must show proof read -- residency. learn more about candidates at help to make democracy work, vote on tuesday, november 6. thank you for watching. >> president obama this afternoon visited the fema headquarters in washington, participating in the briefing with a number of governors from virginia, maryland, delaware,
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and other states. he then spoke with reporters. >> keep up the good work. appreciate it. keep it up. >> good afternoon, everyone. obviously, obviously all of the -- all the start -- across the country are concerned about the potential impact of hurricane sandy. my first message is to all people across the eastern seaboard, the midlantic going north. you need to take this very seriously and follow the instructions of your state and local officials, because they are going to be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with this storm over the coming days. we just had an excellent meeting with the team here, the various agencies in charge, including the department of defense, the
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department of energy, and others that will need to respond very quickly. we have had a chance to talk to regional officials as well. i just had a phone call with the governors of the potentially impacted states and cities in the region. at this stage everyone is confident that the staging process, the positioning of resources, commodities, and equipment that will be needed to respond to the storm are in place. as craig has emphasized, this has not made landfall yet. we do not yet know where it will hit, where we're going to see the biggest impacts. that is exactly why it is so important for us to respond big and fast as local information starts coming in. i want to thank all of the members of the team for the outstanding work they're doing, but the other thing that makes this storm unique is that we
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anticipate it will be slow moving. meaning it may take a long time not only to clear, but to get, for example, power companies back in to clear out the trees and put things back in place so that folks can start moving back home. my main message to everyone involved is that we have to take this seriously. the federal government is working effectively with state and local governments. it will be very important that populations in the impacted states take this seriously, listen to your state and local officials. my message to the governors and mayors is that anything they need, we will do it. we will cut through red tape and not get bogged down in a lot of rules. you want to make sure that we are leaning forward into making sure we have the best possible response into what is going to be a big and messy system.
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crag, which like to add something? >> as the president says, it will come down to achieving those evacuation orders and taking protective measures. get information on how to protect yourself and your families. also, check on your neighbors. this will be a big storm and we need to be there for each other. >>, for the general public, if you need to know where to respond, that is where you get that information. but greg is exactly right. what we do in times like this is all together and help each other. their milk -- there may be elderly populations in your area and make sure that they are prepared. we will get through this storm just fine, but we have to make sure that we are vigilant for a couple of days. do not anticipate that just because the media storm has passed that we will not have some potential problems in a lot
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of these communities going forward through the week. all right? thank you very much, everyone. >> thanks, we are going to the back door. >> we do not anticipate that at this point, but obviously we will take a look. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> the president's schedule has him scheduled to be in youngstown ohio tomorrow afternoon. we will keep you posted, but as of now the rally is still on, 5:30 eastern on monday. later, the former u.s. ambassador to kuwait and somalia discusses diplomacy in conflict zones in the light of attacks in egypt and libya. >> would you support an increase in the presence of the national guard at the u.s.-mexico border in light of this drug violence? >> this is a very complex issue
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and it takes cooperation between the united states and mexico. i know that you are aware that there was an agreement between the united states and mexico where we help with technical support for boats and aircraft, to help with the war on drugs and the cartels in mexico. this is something we continue to have to do. a pass so, if the people of texas to not know, look it up, pal passover -- el paso is one of the safest cities in america. this is a great community and a great economic engine for our state. >> i have already stated that we should triple the u.s. border patrol. we have to get serious. the question you raised is an important question. mexico is a great and mighty nation and it is tragic what is happening in mexico. i was visiting with a mexican
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businessman some time ago who described to me how he received from the drug lords a letter that detailed where every one of his grand kids had been for the past week, minute by minute. this is tragic. the united states should be working for operable the -- cooperative lee with mexico to stop the violence and the drug lords who are terrorizing so many citizens. >> one of the key house and senate races you can follow, on c-span, c-span radio, c-, and 2012. >> representatives faced off in the fourth district in iowa. rep. king is seeking a fifth term, where vilsack is the former first lady of iowa. this is courtesy of iowa public
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television and is about one hour. >> live coverage for the iowa 4th district u.s. house seat. steve king is running for a sixth term. he is challenged by christietheir debate is on iowa public television. steve king -- and this special edition of iowa press, from carroll. >> iowa banks know you want honest advice for your goals. if it is buying a new home or funding retirement. >> federal funding was providedcarroll county state banks. st. francis hospital. commercial savings bank. the bank that grows from ainformation is found at >> for more than 40 years, iowa press has brought newsmakers from across iowa and beyond. we bring debates in each of iowa's four districts. from the santa marina winery, here is dean. >> the shifting population creates the 4th district. urban cities join sioux city and the rural district steve king has represented for 10 years. he's been winning reelection by comfortable margins, getting a fifth term -- but redistricting, drawing in ames and the iowa state university may dillute the republican dominance. christie vilsack moved to ames to declare candidacy for his seat.
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she traveled the state during tom vilsack's years as governor. welcome to iowa press. you are familiar with the format. with this audience and the television viewers -- they will cheer at the beginning and end. the question in this debate edition come from sioux city journal writer bret heyward and kay henderson. >> mrs. vilsack, at an iowa fundraiser, you said, you were running to prove being a woman is not a barrier. do you ask for them to put asidetheir issues and vote on you because you're a woman?
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>> i think the delegation will be stronger and i am from one of two states who have neve relected a woman. being a small-time person. and being 62 years old is something i bring to this. this makes me a candidate that provides a different view, and i think that this shows my temperament and temperament is going to be important in this race. i think that there are times in our nation's history where you need people who are resolute and dig their heels in, but this is not that time. it was addressed by a man who approached me at the greene county fair. i am not a democrat or a
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republican, i am and american. i want to go to congress as an american and not a partisan. i bring that lens as a woman and there are many issues i want to address that are very important. >> mr. king, when you were speaking with iowa republicans, you said that she is left of san francisco and you said that democrats and to create chaos and order to gain power. can you explain that? >> i said they profit from chaos with fiscal irresponsibility. you look at the groups supporting mrs. vilsack and spending hundreds of thousands -- they are left of san francisco. one is the anti-meat lobby. this is not a centrist running
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against a conservative. if you look at the positions -- and with regard to the women issue, i got women voted to office, and i nominated kim reynolds. the last woman to run for congress was marianne miller- meeks. i campaigned for her and vilsack worked against her. >> why did you call attention to your age? >> there comes a time when you don't care what people think, but i need the votes of 700,000 people, but this is an aspect i bring to congress. i am someone already. i want to get things done.
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>> the implication is that you are in congress to "be someone." >> if anyone wants to look at my record, they know i'm moving the iowa agenda. and you don't just go there and put up a vote that best represents iowans. i take that beyond those limits. it would be a relatively easy thing to vote the district and sit in your office and work to get reelected. to take it to another level -- you have to sell iowa values. >> you know, congressman king has said that his agenda moved
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this country to the left. i want to represent the 750,000 people in the district and grow the economy. we lost a congressperson. >> let's talk about the economy. >> looking at the economy -- what can you do to accelerate the economy? >> i said i am focused on the local and i start with the local. i see the world as this district -- with teachers. i see my job much as i would on the first day of school. i would look at these counties as 39 entities and would make sure that they all maximize their potential. i have laid out my plan for layers of economic opportunity. i carry a football with me to create another level of the bio-
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economy, within 10-15 miles of small towns. >> many wonder about the football? >> it is made of soybeans. and most cars are from detroit and the seats are made of this. with plastic bottles or using this to create asphalt. we can make that within 10-15 miles. >> in 2013-2014, what will stimulate the economy? >> i introduced the first piece of legislation for biodiesel and represent the biggest renewable energy.
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government has to get out of the way so entrepreneurs can have their way. what the government needs to do is have a low, stable, predictable tax rate. we have to lower our regulation burden. when i was in business, 43 agencies regulated my trade. there is not a single company that says -- we are proud to comply with federal regulations. eventually, they would be shut down. >> what year would you say the economy will be reocvered with acceptable employment. >> we don't know who will win. if i knew that, i would be more
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bold. if we win the majority. we'll hold it in the house, win the senate and mitt romney is president -- by the time he is up for reelection, unemployment will drop 1.5 points. >> what is an acceptable rate? >> 2%, which is a full employment economy. i would try to drive it down -- >> where would you put it nationally? >> we can get it around 4%. >> one of the problems we have is gridlock in congress. congressman king has not done
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much in his 10 years. we need a farm bill to start with. that is the most important piece of legislation to people in this room -- >> is that going to effect unemployment? >> i think it will. the farm bill, people feel insecure and are not investing. it is hard for farmers to go to the bank. it is hard for young farmers to know what the rules are. so there is the insecurity. it is not just the farm bill. >> let me interrupt. we will get into a deeper discussion. what is an acceptable rate of unemployment? >> it is 2% on the west and 5% on the other end of the district. if we can get this down -- >> and what year are we talking? >> you can't know unless you
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can say that congress will get something done. nothing will happen without a jobs bill. >> let me ask one more thing. how long should unemployed men and women be entitled to unemployment. >> this helps protect people in the downturn, but you have to make sure people don't continue to depend on those. you have to make sure that we have a recovery. >> how long should the unemployment benefits be continued? >> i did not hear an answer from her, my answer is 26 weeks. this has been extended out to 99 weeks, and we need to understand that there is not a lot of return on that investment, there are people who are 63, and this is an early retirement.
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and job skills atrophy because -- we have the five people -- we know when unemployment runs out and we're there to hire them. this is not a good return on the investment. the safety net has been 26 weeks. >> i am coming back to you to answer that question. havedon't think we need to a definite time on the. we have to take a look at the recovery and make sure that we take care of people who have been unemployed. the answer to this is to take care of the gridlock and actually get something done. nothing has begun -- been done in congress and many told the
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people there responsible. if we send the same people back this is not going to happen. we need a farm bill and immigration reform bill, and nothing has happened in congress. this is the most ineffective congress in the history of congress and he is one of the most ineffective congress people in our delegation. >> mrs. vilsack, as a catholic, how has your view on abortion been shaped by religion? >> i am episcapalian. my husband is a cathlic, my children are catholics. we raise our children as catholics. i am happy to talk about my view on abortion. it is that it should be safe, legal, and rare. i've worked hard on the rare part, because i wanted to make sure this is not just something
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that divides us politically, and that i would work to make sure we reduce the number of unintended pregnancies and helped unemployed men and women get a job. i work with an organization that does research and now has the beginning evidence to show that we have reduced the number of abortions in iowa by 26% and unintended pregnancies by 8%. i have been in washington talking about the results of this and we hope that this will be a model for the nation. about't have to talk abortion if we make sure that people have access to contraceptives. i would like congressman king to explain what his view is on that.
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he has said that -- i would like to know if he believes that women in this community have the right to -- the legal right to go into the drugstore with a prescription for birth control pills, and get some of the long acting contraceptives at the local family planning clinic and i don't think he has made his position clear on this. >> it is brazen to make it such a misstatement here. this is manufactured from the other side of the aisle. this follows as far as the president of the united states with what they put out earlier today. there is a case called griswald vs. conn. this was 1965, when the supreme court said that there is a constitutional requirement, that prohibited the states from banning the sale of contraceptives. i accept that as constitutional,
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and we tell people to go something they can be constructive with. but this is constructive and a difference between us that is not manufactured. we have babies in america and iowa that are aborted because they are baby girls and the mother wants a baby girl -- a baby boy in said of a girl. this is -- the people of by what did not care about this. i think it matters to a low girls that are being aborted. >> do you believe in the right
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to privacy which was put forward with griswold vs. connecticut? >> this is an important question for people to know -- >> i accept the decision of griswald. >> i take that as a no. >> then you misunderstand it. [laughter] >> do you support an amendment to the u.s. constitution, the person had amendment that was proposed in the state of mississippi and failed? >> i would look at the language of that, but generally speaking, if so inclined to be supportive of the finding -- defining life at the conception and the catholic church in the five basic positions of the church with embryonic stem cell research. i would want to see the language. >> if you years ago you showed a scale model of a wall that should be built on the southern border with mexico. do you still feel that this is the way to go?
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>> people said we cannot build a wall. i said, i would get down to the tinker toys and show them. i put together a model and said, this is how we do it. we could build a mile of this per day. this puts aside the argument, that we have 5,500 miles of the great wall of china, but my position is that we do not need 200,000 miles of wall, we just do that until they start going around the end. >> is this a concrete barrier? or a brief explanation? >> when the president ridiculed the wall, he was 600 feet from the fences and the walls and the most down along the border. i would describe this as a kind of concrete system with the foundational trench, and the concrete panels, and if you build the wall up you have to have routes on either side, with the chain-link fence by
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the border. we are spending $12 billion -- $6 billion per mile. >> talking about immigration is what we're talking about. president obama -- if you join congress which be supportive of this trend continuing? >> the most important thing is to secure the borders, and do whatever we need to do so that people are not crossing the border illegally, and drugs are not crossing illegally. i think we need to make sure that jobs are going to americans and we need immigration reform. we need to make sure that there is a pathway to citizenship for the 13 million people who are here, in the shatters -- shadows. and the people who are here -- they have a chance to live the american dream because many of them have offered their lives for their country. congressman king talked about the terms of electricity and use the language of this
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reprehensible and embarrassing to the people of iowa, that says we can use cattle prods on animals so why not of electricity on people. >> that is a false statement and i will not respond to it. >> there are several communities within your district, that have a large influx of non-in list -- english speaking people, there are several communities like that. do you think these people need federal assistance in the way that the military assists with the military base, and the influx of children into the school districts. do you think that communities should get special assistance when they are in that sort of mind? >> i graduated high school in
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denison, and those are the community's most likely to ask for that. i do know that we have glasses that are going on right now, -- classes going on right now and i don't know that there is a shortfall of that kind of service. i will not commit to anything intel i am sure that there is a need. >> mrs. vilsack, you heard this -- special population groups?
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>> gov. ray brought the southeast asian families here and we had a good way to make them part of the community. churches were working with the families. at the state level -- we created iowa centers that helped with these issues to fill the buffer. this is an interesting idea. i don't know exactly how you'd move it forward, but it is interesting to contemplate. >> mr. king, are you planning to sue -- you said you wanted to sue president obama over the change in policy that young
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people would not be deported. >> he violated the constitution like gov. vilsack, he cannot do that with memorandum, and this was bogging people down. >> where do you stand on that? >> in the process? there are plaintiffs who won't come on until after the election. i will hold the suit up until after the election and we will get the suit filed. >> the answer is -- we wouldn't have this issue if congress had
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done their job. one branch doesn't work well and another steps in. i think the president took a necessary step. >> we will see a couple of commercials right now, the first from mrs. vilsack's campiagn. >> i am christie vilsack and i approve this message. ♪ >> mr. king, mrs. vilsack has called you an embarassment to iowa. do some of the quotes embarrass
4:39 pm
you? >> i've said by the time i eliminated the questions and dishonesty, the only thing left was "i'm christie vilsack and i approve this message." the one that is true, was about the vote on hurricane katrina. there will be all kinds of wasted funds. it is a principled vote and it will be easy to vote on. king was right -- this is the sioux city's response. the balance of that is false. i have had better votes since then. voting against obamacare, voting against cap and trade, dodd-frank, those were better votes, but the rest of those
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allegations are false. >> he is one of 11 congressmen who took a vote against hurricane katrina relief. i think that everything i said in that ad is true. we have researched all of it. these are congressman king's own words. >> and he is using one to define mrs. vilsack. >> what does it mean if mrs. vilsack calls for tax increases? she is for increasing taxes on job creators and in this stagnant economy, christie vilsack will effect -- >> mr. king, you've seen the ad. >> that's the first time i've seen that, but am happy to respond. mrs. vilsack wants the tax increase to kick in on millionares, and many of them
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are job creators and small businesspeople. >> mrs. vilsack, you've asked for it to be pulled. >> i never said i wanted to raise taxes except on millionares. it is not about small businesses. one reason they run that ad is because i talk about how i want to rebuild the middle class. i want to make sure we have economic opportunities and -- with millionares raising more. the proposal dave vilsack -- he talked about suspending the tax issues for small businesses --
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would be something that is a good idea. >> another ad people are seeing, a photo of you and of nancy pelosi. how do you respond when folks like congressman king accuse you of being a nancy pelosi clone. >> one of the things about this district -- i represented it for eight years. i see every small town in this district as my hometown, the town i grew up in. all the people in this district -- friends and neighbors -- that is why am. i am iowa.
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>> you accused her of being to the left of saying francisco -- in response to her saying she represents iowa? >> i did not hear the answer to the question -- that was about nancy pelosi. this is what i know. i know that if christie vilsack is elected to the united states congress, the first vote she would put up would be the vote for nancy pelosi. you have to stand up and you have to shout the name of the personnel you vote for for speaker of the house. that is the question -- i did not hear the answer.
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>> first of all, we have no idea whether nancy pelosi be a candidate for speaker of the house. there may be other people. i would never presume before i had a job to answer a question like that. i would take into consideration the other people who might be interested in the job. i'll make the decision at that time. there is no assurance that would vote for nancy pelosi or anybody else until i get the job. >> one thing about ads are both running -- we to accuse the other of not being a person who embodies iowa values. i would like each of you to in one sentence to describe to me what iowa values are. >> iowa values are faith and family and freedom and smart hard work and free enterprise. all the wealth comes from the land. we value that as closely as we can, as many times this weekend. it is a work ethic and faith ethic. that is why i have gone into -- i live here and my roots are here. i did not move here to run this race.
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i will live here after november, whatever happens. >> i did a tour called the value of work and asked people around the district about bodies we had in common. i knew this would be a race that was divisive. they said the value of work is important. the value of service to the country, the value of stewardship of the land, family, and education, actually. people who i talked to said education is central to who we are in iowa. those of some of the basic values. i think i heard congressman king say the same thing. i do not think we are that far
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apart on what we would agree on in terms of what our basic values are. >> he accuse you of being a carpetbagger. what is your response to that? >> all of these towns, i represent everything in this district for eight years. all of the towns and people in them feel -- >> as iowa's first lady? >> yes. i travelled the country, traveling and representing people in the whole state, certainly in this district. i represented everybody in the district. congressman king represented 40%. i represent the values of this district. >> mrs. vilsack, do you feel comfortable about some of the things portrayed in the ad -- would you like to have them along your side campaigning for you? >> i am not sure what you are talking about. >> the humane society, their views on pork production, would you like to have been
4:47 pm
campaigning alongside you? >> i have not taken money from the humane society, if you are suggesting that. congressman king suggested that. i cannot and do not take money from anybody who does business -- the humane society, every single town in iowa has a humane society and people are pointing there and helping to take care of animals. i think it depends on what you are talking about. >> congressman king -- some of these ads, the first we saw was done by one of your campaign. are you concerned about how issues are being framed by ads by outside groups, particularly, how would you like the issues to be framed? >> i knew this would happen. that is why i said a year-and- a-half ago when the announcement came out that this would be a holy war. i said, i will learn things about myself i do not yet know. they will spend millions of dollars attacking my reputation -- that turned out to be true. i knew this would be the first super pac collection iowa has
4:48 pm
experienced in a congressional race. one of the reasons i did this many debates is because this is the way to penetrate through that. i did not think we could offset all that spending. if you send back a $1,000 check, you do not get to wash your hands and say, they are nice people who are part of that community who made this ad. local people who take care of these lost animals are not affiliated with hsus. are people i've done it too. there is a big difference. this is a stark gap.
4:49 pm
the u.s. humane society has a legislative agenda that spends 1% helping pac's, driving a legislative agenda that is anti- meat, that does not sell well in this district. >> nobody likes a pork chop better than i do -- i want to say that. over these expenditures, we have no control. one of the things i was most proud to do and accomplish was
4:50 pm
to change campaign finance law. something like the disclose act, which -- the system is broken. it is broken like a broken arm. it is not terminal, but we need to fix it and i would like to be part of that. there is way too much money in politics. when i see these ads on tv i am seeing them for the first time. these are not organizations that i am connected with. in terms of the advertising. >> mr. king, i have a question about taxes. let's say in 2013 you are appointed tax czar to establish u.s. tax policy. what would you do? >> i have opposed the czars, but it would be a tempting appointment -- the first thing i would do is make the bush tax brackets permanent so there is long-term predictability. then i would go to work to sell to the public the idea that, as ronald reagan said, the federal government has the first lien on productivity and punishes production -- we remove all taxes off of production and put them on consumption. we can transform this policy.
4:51 pm
that is a piece i have gone around and talked about. i've talked about it each year i have been in congress. i asked mrs. vilsack to debate that with me, but i did not get an invitation. >> i would also like you to respond to that and outline what tax policy would implement. >> it would not be the fair tax. i do not think there is anything fair for the middle- class about a fair tax. basically, when i went to the grocery store this morning i bought milk for $3.55. if i had to pay 23% of every gallon of milk, 22% sales tax every time i bought a car seat to take my baby home from the hospital or bought a new car, that is considerable. that is fine if you make more than $200,000 a year. but if you do not, that is an incredible tax on the middle class. that is a really bad idea. >> it would only be $2.75 under my plan. you have talked years about the fair tax -- why has it not become active? >> in all my years of talking to round table advisers, all the times i have tested this out, i would give the argument over and over again, they would
4:52 pm
come back and say, if it was a good idea we would have it by now. we are the most successful country in the history of the world, but we still do not have a logical thing -- there are political barriers in the way. the middle-class is not disadvantaged by this. we untax the poor. i have turned this around like a rubik's cuba, and every time it looks better and better. but we see people in power -- half of k street is funded by people advocating for tax exemptions. >> could it be enacted in 2013, 2014? >> we need to elect a president who has a mandate for that kind of change. if we find ourselves in an
4:53 pm
economic conditions so desperate we are looking for a change -- we have that circumstance, just the wrong president. >> mitt romney does not think is a good idea, either. >> let's shift to horses and bayonets. when you are elected to congress, you will control -- what sort of spending priorities will you have on defense? would you have a spending priority for people or for weapons systems at the pentagon? >> let me start by saying a little bit -- in the future, we are not going to be judged on our might as a country. it will not be disorder as we have or how many tanks we have, how many aircraft we have. we will be judged on our ability to compete in the world economically. i spent some time with people who had survived presidents and secretaries of state on the council of foreign relations, someone i have high regard for. this is not my original idea. it is basically his.
4:54 pm
but i agree with him. i think we really need to focus strategically. >> what is strategic -- does that mean you would downsize the current military might of the united states? >> i think we need to be nimble. >> what does that mean? >> because we have to pay attention to terrorist outbreaks that come up often, we need to be nimble. we need to rely on technology. we need to be strategic in how we go about -- >> a smaller military then we have now? >> it might be a different military. it might be smaller, but the most important thing for us is to make sure we have a strong economy in the world. that means making sure that we actually get something done and congress can get the economy back on track. i think we need to be able to react very quickly situations around the world, because many of them are much smaller. what we have done in the past, and congressman king is responsible for this, we have been involved in two wars that
4:55 pm
have taken a huge toll in human life and money as well. our debt is $6 trillion when he went in -- it is $16 trillion now. we put to wars on the credit card. we have to make sure that before we go into conflict, we are prepared to do that. >> let's ask about what you just said -- you can reply to that. then, if you explain your measurement of u.s. power in the world. >> i have been accused of starting two wars. [laughter] >> not paying for them. >> i did not restart those wars. that has been repeated a number of times through the campaign. those things were started first of all in september 11 -- we were attacked. our financial center was crushed. we went into a downward tailspin economically. we went into afghanistan -- you do not check the balance sheet
4:56 pm
then send troops into battle. make sure they have the training and equipment they need and resources to win. i certainly have supported that. when nancy pelosi came in as speaker, the national debt was $8.67 trillion. when she teamed up with barack obama -- now is over $16 trillion. it looks like i have more power than nancy pelosi and barack obama combined to listen to my opponent. here is what think about military. i believe there is that in the military and the pentagon. i believe there is too much brass there. it will take people on the inside to reform it before we can get that right. we have partly to many civilian employees. we are not keeping the track of that. there are people better in the
4:57 pm
system to make as recommendations than me. some people i work with, i trust them substantially. john bolton is one. >> he is the former u.s. ambassador? >> to the united nations. and a personal friend. i would add this -- we need to enhance our cia. the intel i get in classified briefings is terrible. it is a shame. i cannot talk about what it is, but i will tell you why did political responses that are from the public sources and briefings that are supposed to be top secret. we have gone down a long way in our intel. that has to change, because that let us be more mobile. >> is there a circumstance in which you would see that you could vote for a resolution to enter a war in iran? >> could you repeat the question? >> is there a circumstance in which you could vote for a war on iran? >> we have to do everything we need to do to make sure that iran does not a nuclear weapon. israel is our best friend. we need to protect israel. yes, obviously i could if it were in the strategic best interest of the country and the strategic best interest of israel, which is often the
4:58 pm
strategic best interest of the country. we need to keep iran from a nuclear weapon, but we need to do everything -- sanctions seem to be working now. when the best things is that we have involved other nations in basically forcing iran to allow people to come and. >> just to clarify, i think i heard you say that under extreme circumstances you could a vote to support israel in going to war against iran. >> it would be extreme circumstances. we need to do everything we can, and there are lots of things we can do even apart from sanctions. this goes back to being nimble and strategic in terms of how we deal with this piece in question. >> i have supported israel for a long time. i will continue to support israel. our intel -- i have said, i have doubts about it.
4:59 pm
israel does not get to make a mistake. is a fatal mistake for the nation of israel if they except the idea i heard out of vice president joe biden that he thinks that is as much as four years away before iran has a nuclear. we cannot tolerate that and let that happen. but i do not have my hands and the intel that tells us when it happens. here's what i said -- i would recommend to the president that he say, mr. ahmadinejad -- this will be from good intel, when they will get there. that will send a message, we will work so that you can save face as an individual and nation, we will do it diplomatically, but we will deconstruct your nuclear endeavor. if not, when that day arrives in the calendar, it is over. we cannot let them get a nuclear weapon. >> mrs. vilsack, president obama has approved the use of unmanned drones to fight terrorists around the world -- that concerns some members of your party. are you concerned about that? >> not particularly. i think it is part of a strategy i am talking about --
5:00 pm
there are a lot of different things that we need to be able to do. there are people who will be able to decide when it is the best time to use drones or any of the other tools we have to be strategic and nimble and our response. so i do not have any particular problem. .
5:01 pm
>> how aggressive should this country be in its trade policy with china? what specifically? >> more aggressive than they are would be one of the answers. i am one who has gone to china to go in there and engage in trade negotiations with china. i pressed them very hard against their theft of u.s. intellectual property. they will sit around their table and say fine, we're going to find these people and put some in prison. in reality, it comes out of one pocket into the other in china. i introduced legislation that does this. it directs the u.s. trade representative to conduct a study to determine the value of the loss of u.s. intellectual property to the pirates to that i.p. from china, levee a duty to recover that loss. that's one thing along the way that fixes a lot of the problems with the theft intellectual property of china. >> ms. vilsack, do we have a
5:02 pm
problem with china and how might you modify it? >> we need to continue to develop a trade with china as we have with all the trade relationships around the world. we need to enforce our trade agreements with china and we need to be tough on them. they are -- they have a problem with intellectual property and they don't see that intellectual property actually -- i've been there also. >> do i hear you agree with mr. king? >> mr. king earlier this month, your colleague said he was unhappy with the rules and engagement in afghanistan and he would support bringing troops home tomorrow? do you share that view? >> i don't think i looked into that strategically to see what that means in the aftermath. i say that advocacy is more open
5:03 pm
than a half a year ago. at this point, i would say our cavity -- commander in chief has not articulated a mission in afghanistan. in afghanistan, if we pull out at what happens in the aftermath. i would let mitt romney lay out the foreign policy for afghanistan. i got some proposal that's might end up with a better result i think we will get. we pull out. >> such as? >> these proposals are a little bit strategic and dangerous to talk about on public and national television. i will just say that, i expect there will be a civil war in afghanistan if we pulled out immediately, and there are some ways to bring that together that people can be represented in various governments and more effective fashion than they are now. president karzai has been handed a powerful constitution where he rules the whole country.
5:04 pm
a saint would have abused that power. karzai has abused that power. >> vilsack, time for a new constitution in afghanistan >> i think that we need to first of all, make sure everyone who has served there in this country, that we all recognize that they did everything that we asked them to do. in the end, they've been asked to help train police forces. much like our national guard. they've been asked to help train them so they can take care of their own country and they need to be doing that. the sooner we get out of afghanistan the better. we need to bring those people back and we need to invite them back to the small communities. we need to build infrastructure here. >> i promised you earlier that we will get to the farm bill. >> okay. >> prior farm bill has been
5:05 pm
expired for about a month now. congress will be addressing a new farm bill, it will be a lot of pressure to have very limited spending. >> what could you do, mr. king, to persuade urban representatives to be wanting to spend money and get a nice plump farm bill that farmers would like to see? >> they've been working on a farm bill for about a year in a half. with extra people on our staff, we can be inside the shop, helping shape that language. we've got a pretty good bill to that house ag committee. one of the things i did make sure we had bipartisan support. there were 11 no votes on that bill. democrats and republicans in opposition, democrats and republicans in support. now it looks like it's two different components. our producers have given up direct payment. that's a big thing. they stepped up said we're
5:06 pm
willing to accept direct payment. i said my job is to hold the farm bill harmless. i believe i'm in position to do that. what we have is an impasse now between those who don't want to take single calorie off anybody's plate. that's the food starch bill. those that refuse to accept a cut in food stamps are far greater in number than congress than those who don't want farm subsidies. ms.vilsack, i like you to have the last minute. >> there is no farm bill. congressman king was the only one who didn't support a petition to put on the house door to pass a farm bill. nancy pelosi supported it, congressman king has not. he's not led on this issue and as a result, we don't have a farm bill and most important piece of legislation that gets
5:07 pm
people assistance. i think he should be held accountable for that. >> 60ag groups that support me. i don't know any that support ms. vilsack. >> i traveled all over the group with the ag groups. the board members have seen me in action. they know i can represent their interest. >> congress is dysfunctional. mr.king name one thing you can do that make congress functional. >> for a person who is in public. it would be foolish for me to bring up anything wishing i had done differently. on a missouri river bill, which i have yet to hear a position from vilsack, we worked on that for months. we were under water all summer
5:08 pm
long a year ago last summer. i introduced legislation, i confided with people. i should have gone broader. >> we have just a few seconds left. i'm going if give you a chance to answer that. dysfunctional congress, could use a change if anything. >> i think i can. i think that i'm the kind of person who is a problem solver and not a partisan side. i'm the kind of person -- if you are going to hire somebody to be a spokesperson, you would hire somebody who could speak to all different sides of an issue. who can bring different groups together and got out and explain what we do here. we do take care of our animals and we are stewards of the land. i could explain why bio fuels and wind are important to the economy and the whole country. i can be a spokesperson in a way that congressman king can't.
5:09 pm
>> i will give you the final seconds, just to say thank you very much for spending time with us. very much appreciate it and thank you for your views. next week, we complete our four weeks of special congressional debate editions with a trip to debuke along the mississippi river. we'll see first district congressional candidates in their only televised debate this year. next thursday night live from the view. we will be showing lange and brayley debate. so far our iowa television view, thanks for joining us today. [applause].
5:10 pm
>> again, the headline from the des moines register, the faces of iowa's middle class, the newspaper writing extensively about its key role in this presidential election. the first in the nation caucuses. the editorial come out overnight from the des moines register are with these words. american voters are deeply divided about this race. the register had a vigorous debate over this endorsement. getting the federal government on track to balance the budget in a bipartisan manner that the country demands. based on all of that, the editorial page endorsing mitt romney and joining us live from the phone from des moines is
5:11 pm
rick green. thank so much for being with us. walk us through the process. why mitt romney? >> as we pointed out in the editorial last night and did again this morning, is that we just like a lot of voters explored and examined a very long list of issues in this campaign. we continue to come back to something that we have seen repeatedly, the iowa poll and just countless interviews countless encounters with everybody from farmers, everyday iowans and business executives. the partisan divide in washington that stripped the rest of the country and more important than that is the economy. uncertain future for a lot of people as it relates to jobs and meaningful future. as we sat down and deliberated, it was the economy that was
5:12 pm
front and center for us in terms of who best can jump start it, who can pull us out and who best can position us not necessarily looking back over the past four years but ahead of the next four years. that's where the editorial board focused on governor romney. >> let me share two points. which candidate could forge the compromise in congress to achieve these goals. when the question is framed in those terms mitt romney emerges as a stronger candidate. you have a side bar explaining the editorial process. you point out, some newspapers do not make endorsements. editorial pages are in the opinion business, seven days a week, 365 days a year. we will be shirking our responsibilities if we took a president on election. this question, does your endorsement. matter?
5:13 pm
>> i believe so. this is not a battle cry for romney supporters to go out there and vote for the governor. it's not that at all. what this is, iowa is an incredibly unique state for incredibly smart voters and incredibly smart readers. we have had the incredible unique perspective and really the unique opportunity over the past 24 and 30 months to take a look at governor romney's campaign. even going back to the 2008 cycle, both senator obama at the time as well as governor romney coming through iowa. spending time with the editorial board. we've talked with the candidates, we've explored and scrutinized the platforms and their various positions. are there endorsements that matter, i think it do.
5:14 pm
it's part of our tradition. we take very seriousing, first in the nation status of caucus state. we take serious able to vet candidates. many of whom really not on the national radar screen until after they emerge from iowa. it's a place where you have formal interviews, formal meetings inquestions and answers and issues and campaigns. as well as very informal opportunity to sit down to talk about what's in front of us in terms of americans. what are the different positions for that. i do think our endorsement matters. we proudly spent a lot of time very diligent, very thoughtful and all of our conversations particularly the final one to make the decision to support governor romney.
5:15 pm
>> we talking to rick green the editor of the des moines register. let me ask you about that process. you had a television conversation that ran about 30 minutes with the president. the white house said it was off the record. then it was released and you published the transcript on your website. how a different face to face meeting with governor mitt romney earlier in the month. did any of that make a difference? >> not at all. just to clarify, the initially the white house asked for a 5 or 10 minute conversation. we protested. i talked to the obama campaign, said, this should be on the record. they say we will try to get it on the record. we never heard back. the next morning when we had the conversation, the president wanting it to be a 20 or 30 minute conversation. then the conversation was so important. that was the reason for that column i written. did it play a role in our
5:16 pm
decision-making? absolutely not. i said it at the time, consider one unfold with the white house and campaign staff would be petty and ridiculous. it was an issue related to transparency and what needed to be shared. we had met several days before that incident and the direction where we wanted to go with the editorial was all ready kind of drafted. that didn't have a single role at all and where we went with this editorial. >> rick green, final point, you published past editorials over the last 100 years. first endorsement william -- most recently, you had to go back to 1972, the last time your newspaper endorsed a republican. since then, jimmy carter twice, walter mondale, bill clinton twice and al gore and in 2008,
5:17 pm
barack obama. >> well let me -- i know what you want to get to. when this editorial board sat down, we didn't look at who's had an r behind his name and had a d behind his name. the economy is what's best for this country for the next four years. partnership from the standpoint and political affiliation to set aside to examine the issue that iowans care the most about. the issue that's percolated incredibly high level. who best can jump start this economy over the next four years. the editorial we have written in the past couple years so many times, it's got to be in a bipartisan way. this red state, blue state gridlock that we find ourselves in isn't just being felt in washington and it's being felt
5:18 pm
all across the country. there's a growing demand in voters. this election will prove it. you're hearing at so many different levels. they want washington to work. they want there to be leadership. it has to be an effort from somebody that reach across the political aisle that makes something happen. when we sat down and really thought about where we wanted to go with this, we didn't even look at this list. >> there are a lot of editorial endorsements focusing on the des moines register partly because mitt romney spending an hour with you. they clearly view your endorsement as something as important. >> i think so. they both told us how much they wanted our endorsements. unlike previous years where presidential cycles, you would have the candidates in the national media camp out in iowa
5:19 pm
for the last severely months and then everybody disappears. that's changed obviously this year. it's been very close across the country. every state matters. we fortunate enough to be one of those swing states and those six electoral votes are a critical part of the formula. for both campaigns. inknow the des moines register has great influence. has even greater responsibility to vet these candidates, to understand the issues. that's what we did last night, published it this morning. >> rick green editor joining us from iowa. thank you for joining us. >> thank you have great day.
5:20 pm
>> tomorrow or washington journal, we'll talk about campaign spending and $1 billion each candidate is expected to raise this election cycle. bob biersack is our guest. we'll look at the politics and history of the state with associated press senior political writer mike glover. then the chairs will talk about how they're spending the final days before the election. democratic chairman sue dvorsky. live 7:00 and 58:00 58 -- 58:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> do you support an increase in the presence of national guard at the u.s. mexican border in light of this drug violence? >> this is a very complex issue. it takes cooperation between the united states and mexico. as you know, i'm sure there's an agreement back in 2008, i
5:21 pm
believe it was between the united states and mexico where we helped with technical support and boats and aircraft to help with the war on drugs and the cartels in mexico. this is something we have to get a handle on. i want to say this because we're stuck in stereotypes in the state. el paso and people of texas do not know this, look it up, el paso is the safest city in america. we have safe cities and communities all along your border. this is a great economic engine for our state. these are great communities. >> i've already stated, we should triple the u.s. border patrol. we got to get serious and solving the problem. this question you raised is a very important question. mexico is a great and mighty nation. it is tragic is what s -- is happening in mexico. i visited a mexican businessman,
5:22 pm
how he received from the drug lord a letter where every one of his grandkids been. minute by minute. the united states should work cooperatively with mexico to help mexican government to solve this problem that are terrorizing the mexican citizens. >> as we approach election day, c-span is asking middle and high school students to send a message to the president. in a short video student will answer the question, what's the most important issue the president should consider in 2013. for a chance to win grand prize of $5000, with $50,000 in total prizes, c-span student cam video competition is open to students
5:23 pm
grades 6 through 12. find out more at congressman robert dold and democratic challenger brad schneider faced off for a debate for u.s. house seat in illinois. congressman dold is in his first term and brad schneider is a tax consultant. curtesy of wttw, tv this is half an hour. >> illinois 10th congressional district has one of the expenses congressional races in the country as democrats try to take control of the seats for the first time in more than 30 years. they are aided by the recent remap of the district which makes it the most democratic congressional district in the country that is held by a republican. the newly drawn district is runs along lake finished -- michigan. a couple quick notes before we
5:24 pm
begin. this forum is streamed life on our website, you have a question for the candidates, you can ask it there. also a note about our format tonight. this is not a formal debate. the candidates will not give opening or closing statements. their answers will not be timed and they will not necessarily be asked the same question. i will use fairness as my guide to move the discussion along. we asked the candidates to stay on topics and not give campaign speeches. now joining us is brad schneider, he's a democrat from deerfield, he's a management consultant who founded his own firm in 2008. congressman robert dold who was first elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 2010. for that mr. dold was president of a pest control company in northfield.
5:25 pm
gentlemen welcome. good to have you here. gentlemen you're now both on record saying, you'd be open to raising revenue as part of plan to balance the budget, congressman dold your opponent says, as a general proposition, he supports 70% in cuts versus 30% in new revenues. what percentage break down would you support? >> i'm not so sure i have a percentage break down. what i have done is work on the other side the aisle. only bipartisan budget come to the floor. we need to be talking about how we can get folks together. republicans and democrats alike. running an organization, i certainly know that the only successful organizations are those that come together and actually solve problems and have some sort of compromise. >> you asked recently would you accept the $1 increase for $10 in cuts and you said yes. somewhere between that and 70/30, just as a general
5:26 pm
proposition -- >> i took what we did is a frame work that this bipartisan budget was with jim cooper and others on the democratic side of the aisle that was talking about a bipartisan budget that would put revenues on the table and spending cuts. simply because we don't know what the proposals are going to be. what i do know is that we face a fiscal cliff. only way we will revolve this problem is coming together and working together as i've done in this last 22 months. >> brad schneider how did you come up with the 70/30 split? >> look at what is a reasonable ratio. if you look at what we've had in this past congress. congress that has everything done to address the challenges we face. you have a ryan plan, not once but twice that my opponent voted for that continues to give the cuts to the most fortunate americans. to pay for that, it is asking
5:27 pm
seniors to take medicare, medicare guarantee to turn it into a voucher. it's taking students asking them to pay more, it's taking middle class putting average increase on their taxes. >> what you're saying, it's a general sense of fairness, 70/30 that you come up with. congressman before you were elected to congress, you signed a pledge to grover norquist to never raise taxes. why the change? >> certainly what it does, it talks about if you're going to lower rates, you got lower them in others. i don't believe necessarily raising taxes is the answer. >> you're now open to increased revenue? two years ago -- >> when i got to washington, things were worse than i anticipated. what i do know, you got to work
5:28 pm
together to get a solution. what i am looking to try to do is solve these big problems. i come forth with an idea and a plan. we look at more and more out of work today than we want to see. we got 23 million americans out of work and unemployed. my opponent has yet to come up for a plan. what we do have is to criticize me. >> one of the sub text of the questions i was asking, is part of attacking the senator is sort of instinctive and reasonable in term of just the district the like the 10th. >> every independent analysis that's been done, phil, has ranked med the most independent and bipartisan members in congress. that's where we have thoughtful independent leadership in the 10th district for the last 30 something odd years. that's what i told the 10th
5:29 pm
district that i would be. >> you've been on this show twice before, you said you were a progressive. lately you've been describing yourself as a moderate. >> what i describe myself on this show, i said pragmatic progressive. women should have the right to make their own choices about their owns bodies. i'm 100% of women's rights.. on rights of equality, i support major equality. i support opportunity for everyone be able to have security in their employment. i believe we should have we should have repealed "don't ask don't tell." this is opposition to my opponent who wanted to delay the repeal of "don't ask don't tell." >> real quick response from congressman dold on those. >> first of all, i am
5:30 pm
pro-choice. i'm the only republican to speak out on the floor to defend planned parenthood. >> you have to look at the votes you took. you voted to defund planned parenthood. you voted arby that would have penalized small businesses that provide women healthcare plan that offered them under those plans. >> real quick, your response to those two? >> actual it's wrong. what i did vote to do was fund the government. if you remember earlier on in this term, we had to actually fund the government to keep the doors open. what i did want to do is make sure seniors got their social security checks, to make sure men and women in uniforms were able to feed their families, to make sure the government being run. the bill he's talking about, i actually stood up on the house floor was only republican to speak out that make sure planned parenthood to keep its funding. if you take a look at the daily
5:31 pm
herald, it came out and said, these attempts to try to misrepresent my record -- >> i am not misrepresenting your record. other people in your party voted against it, it didn't become law and the government didn't shut down. >> let me jump ahead to a topic. congressman dold, your opponent said on the 20 most important votes, you did not break with your leaders. that led tea party pull congress to a fringe. >> my response to that that was 24 votes. 20% of votes passed with a democratic majority. 10 of those votes steny hoyer voted for. not a single one of those votes talked about women's healthcare, not a single one of those votes talked about the environment, not a single vote talked about
5:32 pm
transportation infrastructure, not a single vote were dealing on education or a single one on gun control. all things that i think are important to people in the 10th district and are critical votes. my opponent doesn't want to talk about it. >> if we look at the record this congress, which is the most uneffective congress we've had, you voted twice on the ryan plan that turns medicare. a voucher plan. he voted with this congress over 200 times against our environment. over 28 times against obamacare. he's voted on them on issue after issue. >> congressman dold, your vote on obamacare, why you vote against it? >> you look at the affordable care act. there are things in there that are positive. >> how come? >> because i think we want to call it by its name. long end short, we got 21 new taxes on this. the estimates in terms of the cost estimates on new set ten
5:33 pm
years doubled. this is going to be enormously troubling. >> it didn't double. >> it did. you're talking about a ten year plan, it is doubling. this is why it's troubling, small businesses are looking at how i can be able to pay the penalty and help people. spun -- as someone that runs a business and have employees, to tell them they're going to be on their own for health insurance. i could think of few things to tell them they're on their own. >> i had a life insurance company for seven years. every year when we met with the health insurance agent, they came in and said we had double increase on our rates. we had to make a choice. the system we had was untenable an the affordable care act is not perfect but it takes us in a step in the right direction. taking us from a system that was
5:34 pm
based on volume, emergency care and moves us to a system that is much better based on quality and outcomes. we're spending 1.5 times per capita on healthcare in this country versus other countries. we're not getting outcomes. >> i want to go to a question to one of our views. the affordable care act addresses insurance and it doesn't address quality. we can decay we don't want to -- agree that we don't want to deny anyone with preexisting insurance. it doesn't allow a family to purchase a plan that's better for them anywhere in the country. >> it focuses on quality. it has emphasis on preventive care. i don't say it's perfect, we do need to work as we implement it. >> $700 billion out of medicare afford to fund the affordable care act. >> online chat, the question s last week the defense of
5:35 pm
marriage act was struck down by the courts. do you believe marriage is between a man and a woman? >> life is hard. raising a family is hard, having a hart inner to do -- partner to do that together. if two people want to commit to a lifetime, god bless them. >> brad schneider defense of marriage act? >> i don't want to prevent two loving vegetables for having a life together. -- individuals for having a life together. i've come forward within my party to say that i believe that civil unions should be acceptable. we want to make sure they have these rights. i do believe marriage is between a man a woman. >> this create two classes of people.
5:36 pm
>> congressman dold, do you think you are reflected in your district. >> it is moderate. it's more fiscally conservative and socially moderate. >> i know the major of my district supports marriage equality. i know major of my district. mr.dold opposes that. >> the question from the chat, like presidential candidates mitt romney you have refused to release your tax returns. why is that. congressman dold, you believe that governor romney should release his turns? >> everything voters want to know about my financial position, what i've earned and owned and stock, bob and even our kids saving accounts are included on the report. what i said is my wife has her own career. she is a professional and she
5:37 pm
has competitors. she's not running for congress. my wife has a right to certain degree of privacy. >> your wife maybe entitled from privacy and but they've entitled to transparency of candidates. >> let me say i released my returns. my wife is on there as well. i think that the voters do have a right to some transparency here. frankly, the fact that we don't know what was paid in those taxes, we don't know what deductions were taken, we don't know taxes were paid on domestic employees. we don't know those type of things. we know from past history these are some of the things voter have wanted to know. >> those are all legitimate. let me foul with that question from sam. do you think mitt romney should release his tax records? >> i do.
5:38 pm
>> i think this is issue trying to avoid the real issue. we need to have an economy focusing on jobs, focusing on making sure we bring manufacturing and healthcare is addressed. >> let's have conversation with this question. congressman dold, i begin with you, do you believe that tax cuts for wealthy stimulate the economy? >> i believe in keeping tax rates low are certainly going to be helpful. president obama in 2010 said that in a fragile economy, we should not be raising rates. the economy today is growing at 1.5% and they had to readjust it down. i asked my opponent in a previous debate how raising taxes will help more people get employed. how it will help small businesses that are struggling to make ends meet. frankly, there wasn't no response. >> do you believe tax cuts for the wealthy stimulate the economy? >> i stand with the president that we should tax rates for all
5:39 pm
earners under $250,000 where they are. we have a fiscal imbalance. we need to begin to address that by raising the tax rates going back to the tax rates of the 1990s, the clinton era where we had a growing economy. the congressional budget office looked at the plan to go back to 1990 rates. they said it will reduce our net debt over 10 years by $950 billion, almost a trillion dollars. that's a significant step in bringing balance back to our budget. the reason standard and poors lowered our rate, because congress was unwilling to address the challenges. we can't continue to give the more fortunate americans more tax cuts asking middle class families to pay more and pass our children the kind of future our parents gave to us. >> looking at the history of tax policy. i see no connection between lower taxes for the very wealthy
5:40 pm
and a vibrant robust economy. >> whatly say, let me say that my opponent says he's been clear on this. he hasn't been clear. my opponent says he wants all the rates to rise. >> i couldn't been more art. i -- artful. i do think we need to keep the rates low. i stand with this president that we need to keep rates low. >> on his web page it was on this specifically and changed. is it inartful and convenient. >> bob i've been consistent. we shouldn't raise taxes on middle class families. in is -- in 1999 we had a balanced budget. we had two unfunded wars and drug prescription program and
5:41 pm
failure financial system. >> brad you have no plan. i've laid out a main street jobs agenda a clear vision. >> that's not true. >> i have to interrupt. gentlemen, which of these personal income tax deductions would you eliminate and please give me some short answers. congressman dold, mortgage interest, keep it or lose it? >> i like to keep it. >> i would like to keep it, we can cap it on higher incomes. we need to make sure we continue to support our housing industry. >> how about capital gains. >> i support taking capital gains rates back to in 1990s under clinton. >> i like to keep the capital gains rates low. when we talk about a grand scheme or grand plan or
5:42 pm
something working across the aisle, that's something that can be on the table. >> congressman charitable deductions should they stay or go? >> charitable de ductions is one of the things that has to stay. >> one the thing that makes us strong is the sense taking care of our neighbors. i would keep it. >> brad schneider name one corporate tax loophole you like to close? >> the subsidies for oil companies >> that's one i supported. we have to be a i believe to lower the rates. comprehensive tax reform certainly something i've supported and actually one of the things that i pass out of the house of representatives. my opponent talked about how this was an unproductive congress. just this last week we're in session, i was able to pass out of the house of representatives overwhelming bipartisan support. talking about how we can get more investment back in our country, more americans and more
5:43 pm
people in the 10th district back to work. >> congressman, would you vote again to raise the debt ceiling? >> i want to talk about how we're putting ourselfesten the course so we're not borrowing. we're not burdening my children and yours out in the viewing audience with mountain of debt. >> would you vote to raise the debt ceiling? >> we need to do in a responsible way. what we've seen in this congress, the ryan plan that continues and you voted for it twice, it continues to give the benefits to those who had the most and butting the burden on those struggling the most. to increase burden on students. this president addresses our challenges. >> since you raised medicare voucher issue, congressman, what role should private insurance play in the medicare?
5:44 pm
>> medicare as we know it right now has to remain. that option will be available. what i have supported is an essence premium support model. i think this is important as we give seniors and options and choice where the private system can come in and offer plan that's would be gatekeeper by medicare. >> i don't believe in a plan that would be a voucher plan. this plan is unsustainable. aarp looked at it and said it would hurt medicare. cbo say it will cost $1600 more, it's indexed at a rate that slower than the rate that healthcare inflation has grown in the past and projected to grow in the future. we can't take the cost of healthcare and transfer it to our seniors. we need to work, move from a system of volume to a system of quality. >> we have a question from online chat from toby. what aspect of social security would you change or fix.
5:45 pm
congressman i'll let you answer that first. >> let me say quicking with regard to medicare. my opponent has no plan. he's been running for 17 months and has no plan. medicare is going bankrupt. we got an obligation to strengthen the social safety net which is i'm willing to work across the aisle to make sure it's going to be there. >> you voted thed in care guarantee twice -- voted against the medicare guarantee twice. >> you deliberately trying to mislead the voters. you should demand more of your campaign. my vision going forward is to try to make sure we're strengthening the social safety net programs. social security is something -- social safety net program we have to make sure secure and be there for future generations.
5:46 pm
one of the things we have to do is work this a bipartisan fashion. >> brad schneider quick response on social security. >> when social security passed in 1935, half the seniors were living below the poverty line. we brought that down to 10%. we need to make sure social security is there for my generations. we need to make sure social security provide that safety net. we can't do in a way that forces them to choose between rent and medicine that pushes them to choose between planning far future and having to give up everything they say for an entire life. >> we have to switch topics. let's talk about israel. both of you say you stand this firm solidarity with israel. can you name something israel has done has not been helpful to peace in the middle east? congressman dold. >> i can't right now think of
5:47 pm
something they've done in recent memory. what i do know our one true ally in the state of israel. we need to make sure we as a nation standing shoulder to shoulder that there is that daylight between united states between israel. >> here's some things you should do differently. is there nothing come to mind that israel has done you think it's unhelpful in the middle east? >> surely there will be some disagreements. >> i've been advocating far strong israel relationship going back to high school in the 1970s. i have watched israel has sat at the negotiating table looking for a partner. i sat and watched in 2000 when prime minster and president clinton trying to bring arafat --
5:48 pm
>> i'm not saying israel is perfect to get the partner who wants peace and the palestinians need to come to the table and we need to have negotiations. united states has a role and forum to sit down and find that place where they can find common ground. we need to have a two-state solution. when they recognize israel as a jewish state, then we'll have peace. >> let's talk about -- so many charges, some of them personal. brad schneider there have been charges you've embellished your business resume. >> i am proud of my business record. i worked with install and medium size businesses, helping expand and grow their business for success for themselves and their employees. it is that experience that i think gives me the perspective i
5:49 pm
understand. why we have to simplify our tax code. i understand what it it's going to take to look at business owners look to the future, hire new people and train them for the skills they need. >> according to report, you've taken on paying ventures in recent years. you now have a one man consulting company. is that a -- >> as i made the decision to enter this race, i devoted a hundred percent of my time to this race. i got into this race because of the experience i bring. i'm working with small businesses. the value you saw in that, was the value i saw in the account to keep it open. all of my energy has gone into running for congress. gaining that experience, that will help me understand how we can help small businesses look to the future and grow. is it that experience that will help me in washington and see how it will impact small
5:50 pm
businesses. we can't continue to add complexity to compete in this economy. we need to help them export. if we're going to add manufacturing to add high quality jobs to compete in a global company, small businesses will lead the way. >> congressman dold, you support reasonable gun laws. how about supporting a federal ban on assault weapons request >> let me say, my opponent he does not have a business record because he was running for congress. he didn't have any client or revenue in 2010. in 2010, i was running for congress against dan seals. it's just disingenuous trying to mislead the voters. >> mr. schneider, that's not true. i was looking to buy business. this is an example you not understanding entrepreneurship. >> i understand it all the time. >> you understand when you're trying to build a business -- >> started in 2008. >> i worked in 2008 and i said
5:51 pm
in 2010 i was looking for company. you're trying to avoid the real reality. >> it should be jobs and the economy. frankly you're passing yourself off as this businessman and you've done neither. >> bob i've run businesses. >> thank you. we need to get our neighbor and friends back to work. that's what this is about. jobs and the economy. >> jobs are key issue. there are other issue that's impacts society and one of them is gun laws. the question i asked, i -- you say you support reasonable gun laws, how about a ban on assault weapon? >> it was not renewed, there was a thought it wasn't working. i worked with michael bloomberg. we look at the gun violence in
5:52 pm
new york city and what they've been able to do. certainly i support trying to make sure that we close the gun loopholes. making sure we're looking at background checks and making sure they're happening effectively and efficiently. >> this is again a difference. i do believe we need to reinstate assault weapon ban. we seeing too much violence in our city. we need to reinstate weapon ban expired in 2004. this makes our cities more dangerous. you talk about it but you're not willing to put the action behind it. this is what you've done in congress. when you vote for the ryan plan, when you voted against women's right, you vote against the environment -- >> i didn't vote against women's rights. i stood up for gun control.
5:53 pm
>> you voted against planned parenthood. >> i stood up for planned parenthood. i think this is important to note that i do stand up and go across the aisle and work with colleagues on the other side of the aisle. i worked with barney frank and gwen moore and senator durbin and so many others. >> brad schneider you're reaction to that. >> i understand the discussions you've had but i look at the votes you've taken. i'll keep coming back to the ryan pan. other people in your party had the courage to stand up and say this ryan plan isn't good for the middle class and isn't good for student and voted for it. >> let's see the online question. with growing latino vote, would you support comprehensive immigration reform and dream act. congressman dold your reaction
5:54 pm
to that. >> i will say in your nation, we generally try to judge someone on what they've done. what i said, i do think that the dream act is a step in the right direction. we do need to provide students and young people here that really known no other country beside their own. opportunity to serve our country and be able to go to school. we need to provide them that opportunity. i do think comprehensive immigration reform is something that we have to do. i would break it upped as a opposed to one giant bill as getting through and passing. >> brad schneider reaction to that. >> we do need comprehensive immigration reform, unfortunately the republican party blocked over and over again. it was george bush that put together a comprehensive immigration bill that the republican party wouldn't consider. we people are who contributing to our community and working hard. we need to provide them a pass
5:55 pm
to citizenship. we need to make sure our borders are secure. for young people brought here as little children, we need to make sure their dream and aspirations have a chance to be realized. >> gentleman, we have one minute left. just a recap that you like to leave the voters with. i will begin with congressman dold. >> i've been ranked one of the independent bipartisans in congress. take a look at the daily herald and analysis of this and they say look, dold is the clear choice. i'm able to think for myself. i've done that for the last 22 months, being on front on israel issues. i'm trying to be a fiscal conservative and social moderate. i've been fighting for people in the 10th district.
5:56 pm
that's what i will continue to do. >> we have seen this last two years a congress that has put confrontation conflict ahead of compromise. they have fight of step of the right. on a key vote, mr. dold given him not the voice but the vote. we need someone that will go to congress and put the middle class vote. i got the endorsement of the human rights campaign, pro-choice america, firefighters, all of these groups in the past gave their endorsement as -- they gave me their endorsement. >> thanks for the city club of chicago who supported this and all offer candidate forum this election season. >> tomorrow on "washington journal." we'll talk about campaign spending and $1 billion each candidate is expected to raise.
5:57 pm
bob biersack is our guess. we'll look at the politics and history of the state, the associated press senior political writer mike glover. then the chair was the state will talk about how they're spending the final days before the election. democratic party chairman sue dvorsky. "washington journal" with your calls and e-mails live 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. with less than 10 days to election day president obama will campaign with former president bill clinton tomorrow in ohio. later former u.s. ambassador to kuwait and somali discussed
5:58 pm
diplomacy in conflict zones. >> one of 10,000 homes they are trying to get done in the next four years. these are house that's are never coming back. >> one family every 20 minutes is moving out. >> this is going back to the -- these houses are disappearing from the landscape. >> just recently, 164 firefighters were laid off as part of this downsizing, as part of this effort for mayor to get the finances under control in the city. firefighters which detroit needs because it's got the highest case of arson in their country, these guys are laid off.
5:59 pm
about two weeks later, miraculously a hundred guys are rehired. when you look to find out where that money came from, it's actually the department of homeland security has a fund for things like that. i don't want to overstate, that's something you want to think about. the department of homeland security needed to step in to keep detroit as safe as it can be for a moment. we're talking about -- i wonder, we seen the auto industry bailout, we've seen the bank bailout. are we head into an era as a bailout as a city. is it such thing as a failed city? >> more from heidi ewing tonight at 8:00 on c-span's "q&a." now through election day, watch our coverage of the presidential candidates. plus debates from key house, senate

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